Building an Automatic ID Card Generator using eTutor ERP


In the ever-evolving landscape of educational technology, schools are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline their administrative processes and enhance overall campus security. One such groundbreaking tool that is making waves in the education sector is the eTutor School ERP Software, specifically designed to simplify the complex task of ID card generation.

ID Card Generator and Management

eTutor School ERP Software takes the hassle out of ID card online maker, offering schools an efficient and user-friendly solution to design, print, and manage ID cards for students, staff, and faculty. This not only adds an extra layer of security to the institution but also contributes to a more professional and organized environment.

Key features of our ID card generator

Here are some key features of the eTutor ERP id card generator software:

  • Streamlined ID Card Generation Process:
  • The software streamlines the entire ID card generation process, ensuring that schools can create and distribute cards with ease. This not only saves valuable time for administrative staff but also ensures accuracy and consistency in the information presented on each ID card.

  • Customized ID Cards for a Personal Touch
  • The customization feature of the ID card generator allows schools to create personalized cards tailored to their unique requirements. From including essential details such as the name, photograph, and ID number to fully aligning the design with the school’s branding and security standards, this module offers flexibility and adaptability.

  • Access Control Integration for Enhanced Security
  • One standout feature of eTutor School ERP Software is its seamless integration with access control systems. This enables secure entry to school premises or specific areas within the campus, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to designated locations.

  • Photo Capture and Insertion with Ease
  • The software simplifies the process of adding student photos to ID cards. Whether capturing photos through a webcam or importing them from existing records, the integration is seamless. This ensures that each ID card is not only informative but also visually accurate and easily recognizable.

  • Bulk Printing for Efficiency
  • At the beginning of the school year or for new enrollees, the ability to generate ID cards in bulk is a game-changer. eTutor School ERP Software facilitates quick and efficient bulk printing, ensuring that every student receives their identification promptly.

  • Barcode or QR Code Integration for Smart Functionality
  • To further enhance functionality, the software includes the option to integrate barcodes or QR codes on the ID cards. This allows for quick and easy scanning, facilitating processes such as attendance tracking or library access.

  • ID Card Reprints for Continuous Access
  • In the unfortunate event of a lost or damaged ID card, eTutor School ERP Software has a solution. The software seamlessly manages ID card reprints, ensuring that students always have access to their identification and the associated privileges.


    In conclusion, eTutor School ERP Software is reshaping the way schools approach ID card generation. By combining efficiency, customization, and enhanced security features, this software not only simplifies administrative tasks but also contributes to creating a secure and professional campus environment. Schools looking to transform their ID card generation process should schedule a demo today and experience the future of school campus security

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