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LMS – Learning Management System

Holding decades of experience in educational background, our experts have designed a comprehensive LMS solution for strategic planning, executing and monitoring the education delivery.

Our LMS system offers deeper visibility into the academic processes so that you will be able to observe and control the overall education delivery.

Easy To Implement

It is very easy to implement in your educational center and within no time, you can bring in all your desired academic programs, subject study guides, and training.

No Training Required

Our structured LMS technology objective is to make your lives easier and pleasant, so we have made the tool Intuitive. ‘It is just like a duck takes to water’


Our LMS system is effortlessly accessible from anywhere any time, just with an internet connection from your smart device, be it a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Time & Money Saver

Having all the information at one place makes it a strong reason for using our LMS, avoiding loss of data & information, making it available to all users in sync.

Academic Schedule

Our LMS system is the perfect medium to connect your teachers and students, empowering them with a structured academic calendar and scheduler. Plan your work and work your plan!

  • Plan your calendar
  • Create Micro-schedule
  • Publish Schedule
  • Share Schedule
  • Monitor Schedule – Planned Vs Actual
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Alerts and Notifications

Control your academic processes in your educational institution by enabling timely alerts and sending push notifications to students, parents, and teachers. Everything in realtime!

  • Exams
  • Marks
  • Events
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Learning Resources

Topic-wise study materials are made available on the cloud, so your students are never short of what you intend to access them real quick. Anytime anywhere education guaranteed!

  • Lecture Notes
  • Videos
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Shortcut Methods
  • Tips & Tricks
  • AR animated videos
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Remote Learning Support

Having remote access to the LMS system, you can seamlessly conduct online classes with whiteboard, share screen, perform video conferencing, and enable doubt clarification.

  • Online support for Homework and Assignments
  • Offline doubt clarification through Ask Teacher
  • Online class room with whiteboard, screen sharing and video conferencing
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Our system enables 360-degree assessments, which helps your teacher to provide corrective instructions and do performance evaluation of your students for improved learning outcomes.

  • Question paper generation
  • Online objective assessment
  • On-screen marking solution for FA and SA
  • Automated publication of results
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Our AI based reports and analytics enabled individual dashboards makes it easy for you and your students gain insights and recommendations for improved learning outcomes.

Individual dashboards for

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Administrators
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