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Vikas The Concept School, being the best CBSE school in Hyderabad had a hard time in finding a safe-secured software solution to conduct exams and perform evaluations online. Data security was their utmost concern!

The pressure raised up due to the Digitalization of Exams and having state-of-the-art infrastructure and well-accompanied lab also couldn’t do much help.

Providing personalized feedback, student performance analysis drill-down, juggling between questions and referring books while conducting exams was also a hectic thing for Vikas School.

Most importantly, they wanted an exceptional software that can be deployed on their own server and be intuitive, requiring minimal or zero training to get a hang on the usability.

In the earlier months of 2020, NTA has altered the test pattern and that was again yet another tough phase to cross on.

Let’s now dive deep into the approach and results, which clearly shows how eTutor decoded the entire complexity, resulting an everlasting worry-free experience.

Firstly, eTutor got deployed on the internal server of ‘Vikas The Concept School’, where the need to disclose the students’ data is gone.

Updates were ‘yes’ on regular basis, however the eTutor’s technical team stayed remotely connected with the management and kept posted on software updates for enhanced user experience, removing the gaps raised often.

As requested, the software was customized with individual logins and accessibility for 500+ students, examiners and higher departments.

eTutor stood first in the market to release the latest and updated version of the NTA tests directly in the interface, which made it worthwhile and rewarding.

The pricing part was furthermore offered to be very reasonable, when compared to other providers of this range in the market.

Vikas The Concept School especially commended the support team for their professionalism and promptness in the presentation of the service and its installation.

After its successful pilot run and inclusion in Vikas The Concept School, It really added another dimension to the exam conducting procedure, generating results and assessments.

eTutor has filled that gap of ‘Own Internal Server Installation’, which remained to be truly phenomenal.

Conducting NTA pattern Mock Tests and Practice Tests became an easy go.

After using eTutor, Vikas The Concept School’s teaching delivery remarkably improved, administration work simplified and students’ self-assessment has boosted.

eTutor left footprints in Vikas The Concept School, by delivering tremendous gain and process efficiency in Teachers Assistance, Administration Visibility & Control and Students Self-Assessment.

It is with much enthusiasm that Vikas The Concept School now recommend eTutor as more than 70% of overhead costs, time and efforts are reduced.

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