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“Online education is a viable path for both learners as well as educators. And it’s the future”

Online education has been around for quite some time and it is predicted that it will be used as an alternative form of education to improve learning outcomes. In addition, online education will continue to gain popularity due to its increasing penetration rate, with a forecasted growth rate of 18% by 2022.

This increased demand for online schooling among parents, employers, school districts, and governments is growing faster than expected, with a total market value estimated at $404 billion by 2025.

Online education is used in several schools and educational institutions as an on-demand learning platform, which can be accessed from any location. This model helps students learn anytime, anywhere and increases student performance. The success of online education enhances the growth rate of the EdTech market.

The demand for online schooling is increasing among parents and employers due to its flexible scheduling and its ability to make learning more fun for students. This can be seen with the global penetration rate of EdTech being close to 10% worldwide. Another problem that online education addresses effectively is that it brings skills into schools that can help them achieve local, state, or national academic standards.

The use of EdTech in the classroom is helping teachers to teach more effectively and efficiently. It can also be used to monitor the progress of students and provide individualized feedback.

With the havoc being created by the pandemic globally, it has become an imperative thing to witness the transition toward digital education leveraging an online exam system..

Modern technologies have been a boon for schools, colleges as well as universities in conducting teaching, and assessments in a virtual world. Ultimately, helps educational institutions in navigating through the strict lockdown situations without facing any hassles in conducting classes and exams.

For which, the educational ERP solutions are the most preferred platform that can promote seamless learning and teaching experience. They are robust software that can help educational enterprises adapt to an interactive virtual environment without facing difficulties in managing registrations, fee management, online classes, and exams.

Educational ERP solutions allow students to enroll in classes by using a tablet and kiosk, which also helps to eradicate registration errors. This system can also be used for the automation of payment as it eliminates the need for cash transactions. It also offers extensive reporting capability, which helps to monitor and track the performance of each student.

Students can manage their classes using this software as it manages their training records and schedules examinations. This tool is compatible with any device, such as laptops and smartphones, so that students can retrieve their grades from anywhere.

The EdTech market is expanding due to its increasing demand among school districts and its cost-effective features. Its integration with existing infrastructure makes it easy to customize according to individual demands.

How does an Online Exam System work?

In today’s competitive world, every student craves for top grades to secure a place in the top colleges. The only way to attain excellent grades is through continuous assessment of learning. In a traditional system, this responsibility falls on teachers and instructors who are usually overloaded with work. It becomes difficult for them to provide timely attention to every student. Therefore, many institutions have started using an online examination system that enables the students to take tests on their own and evaluate their performance at regular intervals—without disruption.

The responsibility of an online exam system is not limited to taking online exams alone; it also helps users design customized training programs that focus on the weak areas of learners and allow them to adjust their training schedules accordingly. It also helps to provide a comparison score of several students’ performance and enables them to monitor their progress. Lastly, it allows users to view the progress of their students in a graphical form and enable them to reward or punish learners based on the results.

Besides all these benefits, an online exam system can also save costs for both institutes and learners by removing all the human errors that are usually involved in conducting assessments. It will be easier for the teachers and instructors to create an assessment pattern that matches their needs and this is important because it saves them from making any mistakes.

In short, an online exam system decreases the dependence of teachers and administrators on paper-and-pencil assessment methods. It also provides instructional guidance to students by assisting them in testing and evaluating their performance. This can be done either periodically or at specified time intervals as desired by institutes or learners. It also creates self-assessment habits in students to improve learning outcomes and makes them responsible for their performance.

Having an online exam system in place allows an institute to streamline the examination process and ensures the smooth management of examination-related tasks. The overall quality of training improves by reducing human errors that are usually associated with traditional assessment methods. It also allows the institute to provide personalized attention to students in case they face any issues.

An online exam system provides an efficient way to assess learner performance and maintain transparency. It helps institutes track the progress of learners and offer personalized attention if required by the users. Finally, it also helps institutes control spending on training because it uses less time and reduces unnecessary expenditure associated with paper-and-pencil assessment methods.

In conclusion to this question, an online exam system is a useful feature that can be used by any institute for assessing students’ learning achievements and providing personalized assistance for better learning outcomes.

How does Online Examination System help you increase operational efficiency?

With the introduction of an online examination system, the new revolution has been manifold in terms of administering assessments. Let’s dwell on the benefits online exam system has to offer and understand its impact on educational objectives:

Accessibility to Exams

As per recent research, students spend 5 hours on average reading e-mails and spend almost 8 hours surfing the Internet. This effectively means a reduced time spent on studies. With the increasing number of people accessing the Internet from their mobile phones, it has become convenient for students to take computer-based exams remotely and at any time. Learning materials are available online 24hrs in the form of e-books and articles.

Distribution of Exams

More students can access the online examination system and can be given an opportunity to take the same for their studies. For this, computer exams are now being made available to all students of a given school or state. This would mean more students would be able to benefit from these exam systems.

Question Bank Management

Effortlessly create and manage your desired question paper, craft batch-wise templates, and set up questions from the question bank, that are anytime reusable. Make the best use of our large sorted inbuilt question bank to pick the questions, created by subject matter experts. Also, the other side you can also upload your own set of questions in crafting the question papers with means of the test engine and conduct the exams. Starting from a rich inclusion of multimedia options, images, text editors, and other needful customizations could make your question paper presentation appealing and authentic.

Reduced Costs on Teachers’ Time and Expenses

Teachers spend hours preparing for various subjects and then have to mark their exams. These have to be done by hand. The computerized exam systems reduce the time these teachers need to spend on these preparations. This would mean more time for teaching and less time for marking exams.

Reduced Costs in Exam Materials

The certification of the subject being taught is a significant factor in academic achievement. With the introduction of an online exam system, teachers can now prepare the required materials and pass on the same easily and efficiently to their students with the help of easy-to-use software tools for conducting exams and digital content. The cost incurred by students for attending tests, test preparation material, and passing exams online will also decrease as compared to paper-based tests.

Improved Efficiency in Time Management

The introduction of a computer-based exam will ensure that students concentrate more on studying and less time is spent juggling between pen-paper-based exams. This makes the taking of exams more efficient as most of the preparations are done beforehand and the final exam only needs to be taken. Researches also show that students who take their exams electronically are able to score at par with those who take their exams through traditional modes.

Improved Grades

Students who opt for online tests tend to perform better than average students. This is because they study hard from the previous years and focus on exam preparation throughout their academic year. A computerised examination system will ensure that students are not distracted by extraneous factors and are able to make their best attempts at each test, thus resulting in a higher average grade for the class as a whole.

Reduce Test Taking Anxiety

The interface of the online examination system provides a relaxing setup with many options to make a test-taking experience comfortable. The system gives you the option to customize your questions from scratch or use pre-created questions of your choice. The advantage of being able to customize questions is that it helps ensure that you do not ask any question you know well. It also helps us in practicing our skills on those unfamiliar topics, which generates confidence before facing a real test.

Flexible Schedule

The aspect of flexibility which is arguably the biggest benefit of online exam software is that it allows you to take an examination at a time, place, and date that is convenient for you. You are not bound by any restrictions on the timings. The student can refresh his or her knowledge in terms of subject and difficulty level and attempt the exam accordingly. This makes the entire learning process more engaging for students as they have more control over their learning process.

Use of Technology

The online examination system uses web tools to create an interactive test-taking environment. All the questions and answers are modeled using interactive Java applets which keep track of answers right away eliminating chances of cheating during exams. With the help of technology, an online exam system can check for any kind of cheating that may take place during exams. This would ensure better accuracy in results.

Shorter and Faster Test Taking

The online examination system allows the use of web tools for test-taking. The user need not enter data into a computer and then print out the scores. Instead, it provides a simple-to-understand interface that explains the data printed on the screen for easy comprehension. This makes it easy for students to do well in exams since they can concentrate on the information being presented on their screens instead of handling different tools and software.

No Stress on Students

The educational system has become stressful for prospective and already enrolled students as far as taking exams is concerned. The online examination system has helped create a new method of test-taking that is hassle-free and stress-free. The system does not only provide the student with an easy-to-use platform for their academic endeavors but also provides them with a personalized learning experience with useful, motivating, and informative content. This helps students in getting better grades and passing their exams easily without facing any stress or pressure as a result of high expectations.

Convenience for Students

The system is easy to use and very convenient for students who want to take their exams without any hassle. The user only has to search for the desired topic or topic section, select a question, and click on the answer by typing it in the provided box. With no onsite examination center or bulky papers, the system provides an efficient way to test and takes away the stress from students as they can concentrate more on their performance during exams.

This also benefits examiners because they are not required to go through long time-consuming procedures before evaluating a student’s performance under different scenarios.

Final words

At top of the list is the real-time testing environment, students are able to self-evaluate and take tests in their own time. Students can also make use of technology to collaborate with other students and get helpful feedback on their performance. Another benefit is that it reduces the costs associated with paper exams, as there are no printing or distribution costs at all.

The online exam system provides an interactive learning environment where students can interact with other users during exams or tests anywhere in the world. This interactive environment is further enhanced by the use of accessible software tools and audio and visual aids.

Besides, the online examination system enables educators to provide students with a better experience. It is far easier to coach students with the help of interactive software tools. The system holds different levels of difficulty for each question that can be used following the categories built into it. This makes it possible for users to identify their strengths and weaknesses in terms of their level of knowledge in various fields and then improve work on those areas which require more attention.

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